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About Us

We are Trace Jurica and Chris Thesing, owners of the Skyhouse and a builder/real estate developer and attorney team from New Braunfels, TX.

When I (Trace) found a plot of land with views so incredible it felt like being in an airplane, I knew I had to find a way to build a house on it. It was one of the most challenging projects of my career - it took me a year just to create the plans, and then another year to build. Hauling heavy machinery around the steep slope was a challenge, to say the least, and so was installing the double cantilevered sub-structure for the decks. My guys looked like skyscraper builders shimmying out to the edge of the precipice.

SKYHOUSE was worth every second and cent we put into it. As soon as you get up here and get a glimpse of Canyon Lake and Hill Country from this incredible vantage point, you’ll see what we mean. At first, we intended to sell, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to part with such a special place. We found the perfect solution in turning the Skyhouse into a vacation rental that we get to share with the world.